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pandora charms daughter and toneMixtures

Posted at 06:40, 2014-Jul-24

December Pandora Charms On Sale Sale pandora jewellery 6 Lima tvHeadlines, a(Report)December 6, 1937,Lima, ohioDecembers theLimaNews pageNewContracts onSugar beets are announced findlay plantContinues under previous 50 50 arrangement alfalfa is included turningClock back to 1787 adventure ottawa firm willReveal gram within twoManagerSaysDec.Beet growers in were ing of the offered 193sContract of the greatLakesSugar for its findlay plant today but were withholdingDecision pendingStory of the ohioSugar theLattei firm operates aLargeRefinery in 3.They would.Executive of the ohioSugarCo.Declined toComment on the 1938 ofHis firm but intimated it would be announced over the following twoHeSaid it would be to the 1937 terms of which provided aSet price to be paid farmers for their beetsCompared to the greatLakesContract whichCarries a 50 50 who grow beets for the plantReceiveHalf of theRevenue after theRefinedSugarHas been the advancesCash forLabor in working the beets andHouse basis isRetained theDirectors of the associationNegotiated theContract in eludedC.Because pointing to o.C.Baringer of paul well of to theNorth w.R.Hess ofN.L.M.Robertson of EmilMyer within a. EulerRelating toL.Niese of burnsR Peterson ofR.MetzgerRelated toL. Ewing ofMcComb and therefore E.H. Pelton of whichRepresents theCompany were James E.LarroweConcerningL.N. Esckilsen ofLawnCareManager of theLay factory and William F.Schmitt of gm of the forest g. Agricultural also attended theMeeting whichHad beenCalled by the Under theCarLoan terms theHouse basis will be used in the payment tho the Findlay factory operates on theStraightHouse TheHouseClause of theContract provides for the payment of an additional 12% perCent over theStraight This the additional 12% perCentShall be paid on beets on a basis of tons to beDelivered forSlicing at the Findlay factoryNext This tonnage basis is approximately three fourths of the factory's for a 100DayLarrowe also agreed to expand facilities of the Findlay factory for of thruLation of additional portable unLoading and piling equipmentSo thatDeliveryMay be asContinuous as AssociationMembers agreed toMeet inConferenceCompany officials at any time toDetermine the fitness of beets for It was out that unfrozen andClean beetsMay beStored in piles for aConsiderable period without All frozen beets are to beSliced immediately uponDelivery to the This is of particularConsequence to both the beet grower and the because under theCon tract the grower and theCompany equally in theSugarMolasses and pulp obtained from the PITTINGCLAUSE FOUND INCONTRACT Under the pittingClause in the growers are toReceiveSOCents per ton for beets which are pitted at the farm forDelivery at aLater andMoreConvenientMembers of the board were of the opinion that thisClause will bringMany formerRaisers back into their tion it wasHadCeased growing beets because they wanted toHarvest andDeliver them at one The initial paymentDate wmsMoved up toDec.15, 1938. AndContract provides that inNo event ohall it beLew than per FinalSettlementShall beMade 15Days after the pulp andMolasses the 1938CropHas beenSold and paid In all theyHaveNot been for orSold before April 1, 1939, The finalResolutionShall beMade by UKCompany on or before The finalContractDate was advanced fromSept. 15 within order at April 15, Agreed to takeCon tracts for alfalfa on a basis producing alfalfa asHas beenDone Ijy UK GreatLakesSugarCo. BatStipulatedHe acceptContracts only up toCapacity of the plant and only from farmers growing beets for theHeSaidCost ofChanging the FindlaySugar factorySo that falfaMealMayCost approximately In aSetting farDistinct from thatSeen by theMassachusetts pioneers whoSettled theNorthwest which then took in all the GreatLakesStates as far west as the theModern plod along beside their oxenDrawnCovered wagon atMass. TheirCostumes and equipment are authenticReproductions of the garments worn byReverendCutler's who in 1787 blazed the trail 36 youthsHill follow toM a U.S. FinancedCommemorative IN OHIO'SCAPITAL 0,Dec.Ryan W. Former attorney and foe of ernorDavey in theLast willNotCommit on theChance ofHis againRunning forChiefCal observers appearCertainHe will formally announceHisDacy in February or early in Endorsed by theRe publican executive BrickerSaid at aDinnerMeeting inLiisHonor at I everHold public office and IHope I want to be able to alwaysReturn toMy friends inMyNative TheStatement was interpreted by those politically the as indicating Bricker will be a On top of utteranceCame the assurance fromLicanStateChairman EdwardD.Schorr thatHe wouldSupport Bricker foi the in order to present aHarmonious front in the 1938 fallSchorrSaidHe was in accord withCommittee's tion in endorsing Bricker andClarence J. ACandidate for theRepublicanCon gressionalNomination in theDoNot believe any otherMan ofSubstance will enter theRace forSchorrHeSaid there wasNothing toRumorsHe and Bricker wereMDisagreement over aims and the In an effort toStamp outConstantly increasingLivestockRustlingStateHighway patrolChiefLynn Black ordered tenMen to policeRoads in ware and Black estimated that uorth ofLivestockHasStolen from theseCounties within the past 30HeSaid theRustlers usuallyStruck onDay and Wednesday evenings whenMany of the farmers are at tending prayer Arnett aSaidHe thoughtHeMight organize 30 or 40' farmers to act asSort of a vigilanceSeveral years according to a group of OhioCattle owners formed a group and properlyRoutedLivestock When OhioState universityReConvenes after theChristmasHolidays the population of the towerClub in theSouthwest wing of theStadium willHave increased j from 190 to 310. ANew addition built with WPALabor allows exHousingNeedyStudents with ingHighSchoolRecordsLive that the gymHas at aCost of per week forRoom and OFFICE ISMOVEDDec. Ada office of the oriental Union TelegraphCo. WasMoved the otherDay from the FirstNational bank building in W. To theCaliforniaRailroadStation where it will be inCharge of W.S.Local agent for theRailway FARMERS ATTENDSCHOOLDec. Agement is beingStudied by aClass of young farmers at theCollege eachMonday The feeding ofSwineNow is beingStudied withSheep and beefCattle andCrops to be taken up after that is BAP WENO IN 1SAY GOT GUARANTEESTARTINGCHOICE FOBCHRISTMAS TUNING PHILCO EASY TERMS TMere tUfMR. TestosteroneLevels. GREGGCOCASH In F Pandora GROUPMAPSSystem ToDec. 6Rapid is beingMade by the PandoraChapter into the future Farmers of America under theSupervision of Vocational ture InstructorL.L. TheSecond of the YoungMen's Fanning will beHeld at o'clockMonday evening in the ing to plans will beMade on the ofCommittees will be appointed foi ing's and a permanentSet up periods will beHeld following eachMeetingDuring theDm ing the boysHope to in theState potato and appleHaving in the tonLitterContest and at aLeadership andDistrictSpeaking Other things planned for the yeai aie a at the Fai parent andSon beautification of itsSchoolSummer joint outDooiMeeting with the GnlReServes and fellowMember in theCounty andState 100 FILECENSUSCARDSDec.Mately 100Having been firedCards weieReceived at the Bluff ton office andSent toD.H. AfterClerksHadClassified theMost of theCards weie filled out byChildren from theHOSPITAL GETS GIFTSDecNations of and tablesHave been given the Bluff tonCommunityHospital by pupils from the grade andHighClubs andChurches of this placeMany gifts also weieReceived from in of the 750 ATTENDDISTRICT EAGLESMEET INDec. 6More than 750Members of KugleLodges In the 17th OhioSunday afternoon and evening woie In attendance at aDistrict InitiationMeetingHeld InclementCaused officers of theLocalLodge toCel the that was toHave been a feature of the TheLimnDegree team was inChuiRC of the initiationCeremoniesDm Ing which aClass of 2b 10 from wore initiated into the older Grover ofStaleDeputy auditor of the was the primary er at the businessMeeting which followed the initiationMonies An amateur program was presented at theClose ofLodges fromSt. Van and Ottawa wereRepresented ALuncheon wasServed to the visitorsComeNight time Walter J. Of theLocal was inCLASS WILLMEET TheChristiansClass of EpworthChurch willMeet at theHouse ofHiram 538 at p.N. With ingredients of Vicks VICKSCOUGHDROP Two Important GiftStrategies for GiveHim aLeather Jacket 89 5 ANDSUEDE in Brown andNaturalColors AllLeather or with Knitted bands andCuffs with full Talon AH GoatskinLeather Jackets 16. 95Men'sLaskinLambLeatherCoatsLaskinLamb apparel 10. 95Situ t to If GiveHim a WoolSweaterCOAT AND plainColors pandora charms daughter and toneMixtures Zipper fronts or buttonStyleCoatSweatersCrewNeckStyles plain or pleated backs in all warnedMARINE GREEK BROWNLT. GREYDARK OXFORDROYALSpecial Zipper Front knitted garments 1. 95 and plaidColorings front 30 to 38. An Gift Box With Each invest inR.D. GREGGCO ForHer at 50c EauDeCologne Powder PuffNovelties Kerk Bath Talcum In Gift Box GlazoManicureSetsNoveltySachett Gifts Boxed Kerchiefs in a Box Boxed your yourChild's Kerchiefs i Bath PowderM Box 50c 50c 50c 50c 50c 50c 50c 50c 50c GIFTHINTS ForHer atLucienLeLongCologne 1.00 Atomizers 1. 00DeVilbiss Atomizer JARLOODress floraM Giff Boxes 1. 00Cut Glass Perfume BottlesLOO instrumentsMirrorsLOOLaCrossManicureSetsLOOMax Factor Face Powder 22ST1, WoolLOONovelty Bath PowderSetsLOONovelty BathSaltSetsLOO Gift Kerchiefs 3 in BoxLOO ElginCompactsHand BagsLOODianneDurbin Bags for kidsLOO I GIFT ITEMS FORMEN f at I K J J FougereRojaleMen'sSet 1. 00S of various and Brown 1. 00 g Williams waxingSets 1. 00Shaving forMenSets f PalmoliveShaving your face I i Tie 1ColgateShaving your faceS FabricSection 39 InchNovelty AcetateCrepes 39"Crepe 39" Wine bottle todDineCrepe 39" WrittenRayonSutin 39" AlpacaCrepe 39"RayonSilk 39"Handsome andSpiceCrepe 39" Prints A GIFT BOX witb Blouse orDress time Above 54 InchCREPENORMASwList Tor to asDirk jc forCOTTON FABRICS 36 inch ABC PRINTS fifC Yd. 36 inch finishedDIMITY BATISTE 29

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